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Episode 13: Launching a Coworking Family

Iris chats with Rebecca Brian Pan, serial entrepreneur, new mother and CEO of Covo, a lifestyle workspace just opened in downtown San Francisco. Covo has a full Cafe, taproom, large classroom space, public coworking and will provide resources to Architecture, Engineering and Construction workers through a partnership with Good Design.


Episode 14: Coworking Services: Offers Access to Group Buying Power

Hector Kolonas is building as a platform for coworking and shared workspaces to access service offerings at a discount to their members. Offering services geared towards coworking spaces and their members, Hector’s goal is to help small businesses grow. ONe way he is doing so is by bringing independent coworking operators and the small businesses that fill out their spaces the kind of group buying power traditionally confined to large corporations. We will find out what’s involved in joining the network, who’s in the network and the types of offerings available to operators and members.

Past Episodes

Episode 11: Global Coworking Trends in 2016

Just in time for Global Coworking Week, I’m chatting with Liz Elam, founder of Link Coworking in Austin and founder and Executive Producer of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. Liz and I will chat about her travels around the globe, how she’s...

Episode 10: Identifying Markets That Are Good For Coworking

There are many ways to go about finding a location to open a coworking space. For companies looking to expand to new markets, determining viability can be daunting. Enter Doug Maschoff and his market analysis tool. Doug fell in love with coworking when he joined a...

Episode 9: What Corporations Can Learn From Coworking

Drew Jones lives the intersection between corporate culture and coworking. As co-founder of Austin, Texas’s first coworking space, and a management professor at Texas State, Drew is constantly focused on how to apply Design Thinking to help create more...

Episode 7: Coworking Internships

Stephanie Bermudez is training the new work force. With a background in developing youth entrepreneurs and creating internship programs, Stephanie has spearheaded COSHARE’s Coworking Internship pilot program. I’ll talk with Stephanie about how coworking...


About Coworking With Iris

Coworking With Iris was created help drive the coworking industry as a whole towards sustainable success through sharing the stories and insights of workspace creators, community catalysts, and coworking thought leaders.

About Iris

Iris Kavanagh works with shared workspace organizations to streamline operations and develop dynamic communities. She fell in love with coworking when, as a member in 2009, she realized how powerful the experience of a real, in-person community was and quickly started thinking of ways to change the world through the coworking model. Iris took an opportunity to join the team as the first employee of NextSpace as Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Community Officer. She helped grow the company from an idea to nine locations. Her primary roles were to guide and scale operations and then to communicate and instill the organization’s culture in each new location. Her guidance helped the staff develop vibrant communities, push the definition of collaboration, and convey the culture to members, visitors and prospective new employees. Iris co-founded the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces and COSHARE, produced Freelance Camps and has spoken at the Global WorkSpace Association Conference, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference, and the Young Entrepreneurship Summit.

Iris currently consults, leads Coworking Mastermind groups, heads the board of directors of COSHARE and showcases industry and movement leaders through her media series, Coworking with Iris. She lives in Santa Cruz, California with her two kids, two cats and two chickens. An avid gardener, Iris also loves to support her children’s various endeavors, Crossfit, run, create amazing things with food and hike the local trails.

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